Hidden Concerns for Fundraisers

There are little hidden points in the run of a fundraising campaign that can sneak up on you. These hidden issues can rob you of your money, time or even both. Take a look at the following list and make sure you have these concerns figured into your upcoming fundraising campaign.

Shipping Prices

Shipping prices can deduct from your campaigns funds. Ask your professional fundraising company how much similar campaigns have cost other organizations in shipping. Once you have a rough idea you can adjust to a higher revenue figure to compensate.

Ease of Fundraising Sale

The product you’ve chosen should be easy for your volunteers to sell. High quality goods will produce more revenue in a shorter time span. This means that in the length of time your campaign is on your getting the most out of your fundraising area as possible.

Campaign versus Retail Price

In addition to having a high quality product you also need a competitive price point. Scout out the same product being sold locally and see what it’s being sold for. There are some donors who will give you money for the item strictly because it’s a fundraiser but the percentage drops the higher the cost from a competitive brand.

Are Samples Provided?

Samples at times can be a powerful aid for making sales. Does your fundraising company provide sales to you for sampling the product? Will they provide samples as well to prospective buyers? If so under what conditions will the samples be provided?

Issue Resolution

Find out from your professional fundraising company how the handle potential problems. How quickly can they resolve issues like broken items? Check other organizations that have used this company to see if the fundraising company was responsive to urgent situations.

End of Campaign Party

You might factor in some money for a party after the campaign. Your volunteers have worked hard and deserve a thank you. Depending on the number of volunteers involved you may throw a party with prizes. Another option would be to have a potluck diner where it’s still a party but doesn’t cost the organization money.

Maximize Your Campaigns

The truth is you run two maybe 3 fundraising campaigns a year. The campaigns are brief but intense and your attention should be focused on running the campaign with confidence. Surprises at the end of the campaign will lead to disappointment, as every dollar is needed for keeping your services operating.