A Chocoholics Fundraising Dream

Fundraising with chocolate and candy bars

I’ve spent the past couple of days writing articles that would give people alternatives to campaigns. I talked about healthy fundraising campaigns with trail mixes a combination of fruit, nuts and seeds. I mentioned environmental fundraising with cotton reusable shopping bags and perennial flowers. I totally forgot about talking to you chocoholics!

Being healthy and responsible is important…but you have to have a break once in awhile

Chocolate Bar Fundraising

If your school fundraising program is looking to run a chocolate bar campaign they have plenty of variety. You can buy boxed of chocolate bars from online professional fund raising companies. The bars are sold in variety packs and may include a combination of: creamy caramel, roasted almond, crispy rice, dark chocolate raspberry and mint chocolate. Check with your fundraising company to see what their variety packs consist of.

The great thing about selling chocolate bars for your school or non-profit fundraiser is that it is quite flexible. A lot of fundraising companies will sell them with only a minimum order of just one box. Not many successful fundraising campaigns can be run on just one box so for those campaigns that need to have a lot of cases, they may give you a discount on the more you buy.

Name Brand Chocolate

For you chocoholics with specific tastes you can get boxes of name brand bars. Hershey’s and M&M offer their selection in packs. You can get Snickers which you will find an easy seller, M&M’s and Skittles. You can also find variety packs that have Reese’s Butter Cups, Kit Kats, Caramello and Take 5 chocolates included.

For those looking for tips on running a quick and simple fundraising campaign, selling chocolate bars recognized nationwide will help you.

Chocolate in All Its’ Varieties

Snack varieties are available with just about any chocolate covered assortment you can think of. Chocolate covered pretzels, chocolate covered animal crackers, chocolate covered raisins, chocolate malted milk balls and chocolate covered peanuts. Are you overloading yet…no? Great because there is always more chocolate!

Variety campaigns are available for you. These allow the donor to select what he wants, place and order with you. The orders are tallied and sent into the fundraising company. Your team of volunteers delivers the treats and you are done. No left over stock to tend to and nothing that has to be shipped back. These treat make for a very simple and chocolaty sweet fundraising campaign.