Avoiding a Fundraising Campaigns Common Mistakes

For most organizations like schools and non-profits organizations a fundraiser is key for keeping programs in place. An excellent fundraising campaign can decide if you can add additional programs or just sustain what is already in place.

Here are a few points to consider when putting together your successful fundraising campaign.

Careful Planning
Every successful campaign needs a master plan. It’s hard to get somewhere if you don’t know where you’re going! Outline your goals by going over what you raised in last years fundraiser. Raise that number by 5 %-10% to keep ahead of the curve.

Delegate Tasks
There should be one person running the campaign but they can’t do it all. Appoint someone who will be the contact person for the professional fundraising company. Another will round up volunteers for the campaign and others for transportation depending on the size of your campaign.

Contact Your Supporters
Go to your list of donors. Hopefully you have a kept track of usual donators to your campaign. Keep them up to date with your organizations progress with letters during the years. They will be more inclined to help you if you show them the usefulness their donations are doing.

Be Clear When Dealing With Your Fundraising Campaign
A successful fundraising campaign means a strong alliance between the school or charitable organization and the fundraising company. Ask the company what product has worked for groups in your size and age bracket. They may come up with different ideas that haven’t been used in your area before.

Ask the professional fundraising company that you choose who is responsible for submitting tax information in your state and where you can submit. They can usually help you out or point you in the right direction for this. Also clarify who will cover shipping and handling of product and returns of damaged goods. Every facet of your campaign should be considered to maximize your time.

Where Will You Fundraise?
What areas of town will you put your campaign into action? What demographic do these people fall into? Can you call on them during the day? What kind of product can you sell to them?

Full Speed Ahead
When you have charted the basics you now have a clear idea of what can be accomplished. Any time spent making your plan will hopefully clear all the roadblocks and surprises from your path.

With this work done the road is mapped for a successful and fun fundraising campaign for you and your volunteers.