Sports Fundraising

Want to do some sports fundraising with your team? Whether you’re blanking out on fundraisers you guys can carry out or whether you’re researching for future campaigns, we’ve got some terrific ideas for you. These crowd-pleasers will make your fans happy—and, of course, ensure that you get great funding for your team.

Offer nuts and snacks to your fans.
Bring back the ball game by bringing classic snacks to your fans. We offer a wide variety of snack and nut mixes. Our Snackin’ in the USA deal offers 26 flavors, including candy, nuts, pretzels, honey-roasted peanuts, and sweet trail mixes. There’s a flavor for every taste; your fans will gobble them up! Snackin’ in the USA has the widest selection of flavors, but Smart Snacks offers sugar-free, low-fat snacks, and Ten @ Ten offers our 10 most popular flavors in single and family sizes. Whichever you choose, they’re all priced at $7 ($10 for Ten @ Ten’s family size), and—best of all—they’ll help your group generate 50% profit.

Or how about candy bars?
Your fans not in the mood for nuts and snacks? Try fundraising with our mouth-watering candy bars. They’re priced at $1-$2 per bar, and your group earn up to 50%-up to 65% profit. With this fundraiser it won’t be hard make the profits you need (and more): our deals include Hershey’s favorites like Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, Kit Kats and Twizzlers, as well as superb crispy rice, caramel, mint, and almond chocolate bars.

Screen a sports movie for your fans.
Grab some popcorn and bring up the big screen because it’s time for a movie screening. Captivate your audience—friends, family, fans—with a sports movie of your choice, like Escape to Victory for your soccer team, The Mighty Ducks for your hockey team, or The Bad News Bears for your baseball team. Your fans will love watching the classics with their neighborhood buddies!

Show off your team’s skills in less common sports.
One day, why not entertain your supporters by demonstrating less common sports for them? Whether it’s kickboxing, jump-roping, juggling, or dancing—your supporters will especially enjoy ballroom dancing—there are plenty of sports you can teach your players without too much effort. Then, take your team and your fans to the local park and have them display their new skills—and have them teach your fans at the same time. Everyone will have a blast!

Take advantage of halftime.
Be like the pros and entertain your fans during your games—and make some extra profit in the process. You have many options: your team members can do cheerleading or majorette routines, dress up as mascots to pose with the fans, or play traditional sports anthems. Of course, you can also sell snacks in the stands. How about candy bars? Ours cost $1 each, and the minimum order is 1 case, so you can order 1 case for every game.

With our suggestions for sports fundraising – fundraising with our trail mix and candy bars, screening a classic sports film, showing off your team’s athletic skill in less common sports, and entertaining fans with halftime shows—not only will your fans have lots of fun, but so will you and your team. Get the ball rolling with these great ideas for sports fundraising!