Tips to Increase Your Donations for Non-Profits

Every year it is the same the need for your fundraising charities is still there but it seems more challenging to get donations. Foundations have to compete with every other cause and the amount of spendable income seems to decline.

2009 may seem even more challenging for schools and charities putting on fundraising campaigns. With the potential for a serious recession on the horizon how can you keep donations coming in?

Keep in Touch with Donors

Donors like to know that the money that contributes to charities is making a difference. From recent polls conducted the charities that show donors the work that is being done with their money receive more donations.

You can keep in touch with donors through the year by sending a special quarterly letter from the President, Director and Chairman of the Board etc. Explain the latest work or projects that the school or foundation is doing. Such a simple letter can explain to donors what their money is doing and brings your cause to mind again.

Quarterly letters should focus on the people affected and how the schools involvement or foundations contribution has improved the situation. A letter with an emotional slant towards what you are achieving will win you more support than the simple facts.

Ask for Higher Donations

When your fundraising campaigns start keep in touch with your donors. Contact your business and major contributors. Ask for 10% more than they gave last year. Again you will want to show how responsible you are with the money donated. Many companies may not be able to meet these numbers but you may be surprised at the increased numbers.

Offer Prestige

If it is in the schools or foundations budget find some way to publicly thank your sponsors. One idea to again increase your contributions is to have a plaque that will be inscribed with contributors who donate according to categories. Companies that donate $500 to $999 will be sponsors and $1,000 to $1,999 will qualify as patron.

Some motivation for companies to donate would be to acquire the prestige category by reporting the companies donating and publicizing the outcome. Good press can be used by both you and the companies involved.

What Works for You

Although people give more for altruistic purposes it is acceptable to find ways to increase the donations. The money goes to a worthy cause and donors feel inner satisfaction for contributing and can also reap public recognition.