Movember Fundraising

This past year two great things happened, I joined the Fundraising Gang at and I decided to change the face of mens health by participating in Movember.

The concept of Movember is simple enough, grow a mustache for the entire month of November and encourage people to either do the same or donate to your dedicated Movember Page. The art of growing a good looking mustache is altogether a different experience. Not all men are blessed with the ability to grow a decent looking mustache, or the looks to pull it off. Being in my early 30’s, my generation is not the mustache wearing kind, therefore all efforts to make the mustache look ‘good’ failed. Both my father and father-in-law have mustaches and the looks to pull it off. Them being in their 60’s must be one of the key factors of success, perhaps you need to earn your mustache looks by reaching a certain distinguished age.

That being said I am proud to have helped raised a small amount towards the $19 Million dollars raised by Canadians so far. You can still donate at

Happy Growing!