Keeping Good Relationships Between PTO’s and Principals

PTO leaders and their organizations help schools by fundraising. These fundraising activities are largely geared to certain items or groups. Principals on the other hand are responsible for the entire school. Their point of view may differ from PTO organizations because principals may distribute the money towards the greater good and not necessarily toward individual groups.

PTO’s and School Principals Forger Important Relationships.

The leader of the parent teacher organization and the school principal is important and affects the kids and their goals and also the parents and their wants. It is very important that this relationship function smoothly for the good of all.

The principal can act like supporter of your cause and make suggestions to help PTO’s. If there is friction in the relationship then a principal can turn teachers and staff against you and prove to be a pivotal roadblock.

Built in Parent Involvement

On paper both sides are working toward bettering the school and what it can offer the children. The problems can be decisive and end up pitting the teams against each other. The problems come when the priorities of principals and parents do not match.

Good Communication with School Principals

Principals and parent group members need to be working together. Good relationships begin with good communication and help to derail any bad issues or misunderstanding before they can grow.

If you are the head of the PTO then start a relationship with the school principal early in the year. Be forthcoming with your goals and plans early and check in regularly with each other. Since plans are outlined between the two parties any disagreement can be dealt with early.

Invite you school principal to your meetings. Have them speak to the PTO organization and made to feel that they are listened to. This does not mean that you have to agree with everything but a sign of respect that the principals’ point of view will be weighed.

PTO’s Have the Right to the Money

If the plan was put into action and the school principal aware or the fundraising campaign then the PTO’s have the right to distribute the money collected. In fact all monies collected by PTO’s can be given as they see fit. The point is that the views and ideas of the principal also have to be weighed. In order for the relationship to be strong it is a good idea to include the goals of the school principal.