Implementing Slow Change for Fundraisers

Technology is increasing the pace of our lives and changing the way we interact. Businesses incorporate these new systems to streamline their processes and production time. Employees work on virtual desktops and communicate through email, cell phones and blackberries.

Change has altered the modern business model. With fresh ideas it is possible to incorporate these principals in a systematic way to appeal and awaken new philanthropy ideas. Have your charities returns on fundraising gone flat because they sell the same item year after year? Are you looking for a new approach to fundraising?

A great article just written for the Kellog Foundration entitled Intentional Innovation: How Getting More Systematic About Innovation Could Improve Philanthropy and Increase Social Impact bravely states: “As these forces accelerate the pace of change in the social sector, there is also a very real danger that by just continuing to do philanthropy the way we do it today, our efforts will no longer match the emerging realities of tomorrow. There is a need to identify and pioneer innovations in practice that will fit the challenges and opportunities of the future. “

Change Has Come For Charities
Has your charitable organization embraced these technologies? Most organizations have a web presence and while it may not be the best way to solicit money from your potential donors there are still those who do donate online. You should have access to an online donation system that lets people donate online.

At the very least your website should be updated regularly with your activities. It lets your audience know that you are still active and that donation money is being spent wisely. If there are updates for your website it creates more forward progress with people coming back frequently to check on what is new. With more people returning there is an increased chance they might get involved on some level.

Pace Yourself
You don’t have to be afraid of change and see it as a radical shift, and that the processes you have now will be lost forever. If you are used to raising money through Skratch tickets for your fundraiser you always have that as a standby. You could also shift a portion of the campaign to sell a new product after a few months. If you switched to cookie dough you could again solicit donations from the same area. The entire area becomes new again because you have a new product!

Make a Move
Identify the area you want to see progress in. Focussing the attention is crucial this is about bringing change to an area of your fundraising organization, making sure it works, but making it containable at the same time. A little courage and small change can bring about new life to your fundraising or charitable organization.

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