Fundraising for Small Groups

If you have a target goal to raise for your fundraising and a small group you may feel that your options are limited. How are you supposed to generate the money you need if you don’t have the volunteers? Well the good news is that small groups have advantages that large fundraising teams may not have.

Skratch Your Way to Success

An avenue to raise your money is a scratch card. These cards actually function well for fundraisers with fewer and older participants. The scratch cards work well for volunteers that are high school age and older because they do need a little motivation and describing when approaching donors. If you have those two things, then the scratch cards have a very high rate of return!

When a fundraising volunteer comes to a potential donor he hands them the card. The donor scratches a couple of circles. The circles cover dollar values that the donor will contribute to your campaign. When he’s finished the volunteer tears off a sheet with coupons for local or national restaurants.

In exchange for a little explanation your fundraising campaign can make up to 90% profit from these cards! With a return like that your fundraising team will make huge strides towards your goals.

Healthy Snacks

Some professional fundraising companies offer a variety of healthy snacks as your campaign item. The snacks are available in a variety of packs. Wasabi nuts, honey roasted peanuts, gummi bears and trail mix are some of the options available. Some fundraising companies offer these to the donors in the range of 6-8 dollars. You can take advantage of free brochures, no down deposit to start the campaign and free shipping.

This campaign is very successful for smaller groups since there is little invested upfront. When the campaign is underway the nuts and snacks are an easy sell. For less than $10 the amount of people buying tends to increase.

Frozen Cookie Dough

The cookie dough campaign is a great fundraising campaign for small groups. It is a very streamlined fundraiser to run. The volunteers sell the cookie dough to donors who select from the varieties available. The totals are added up and sent into the fundraising company who ship out your product. The company ships out the exact number ordered, so there is no left over product to contend with.

Small Groups Have Options

If you have to create a fundraising team that is short on volunteers you don’t have to feel like you are trapped. Consult with your professional fundraising company to find out what options they have for your needs.