Easy And Fun Christian Fundraisers

Easy and fun christian fundraisers

Carrying out Christian fundraisers can be tricky: there’s so much to take care of, whether it’s organizing a campaigns, coordinating your volunteer church members, or informing potential supporters about your fundraisers. To that end, we’ve prepared a list of Christian fundraisers that you and your church members can do together.

Cookie dough, anyone?

Offering your supporters cookie dough will help your group earn up to 55% profit. Cookie dough fundraisers are some of the fastest-growing fundraising programs out there, and they’re perfect choice for groups like you: to make the absolutely scrumptious cookies, supporters only have to scoop the dough onto a cookie sheet and bake it. In particular, we recommend the Elite Retreats program, whose catalog offers treats like dessert bars, soft pretzels, cake, and pizza knots as well as cookie dough in flavors like Triple Chocolate, Lemon Drop, and Pumpkin Roll. There’s something for everyone!

There are also local discount cards

Here’s another idea for Christian fundraisers: sell local discount cards. With these, your supporters will be able to save money at a variety of local businesses. In fact, if you take on this fundraiser, we’ll send you a list of 300 merchants in your area, and you can choose your favorite 75 on the list. Your church members can make 50%- 70% profit doing this fundraiser. Each card will cost your supporter $10—but in exchange they’ll get a handy, high-value discount card which they can use as much as they like for a year. Plus, we’ll personalize the cards with the name of your church.

Knit scarves with your church members

Everyone can knit! It’s easy to learn, but also incredibly useful. Begin by making sure your church members know how to knit. If they don’t, teach them; it’ll be a great opportunity for bonding. Next, start a pledge fundraiser—that is, have your supporters agree to donate to your church for every number of accessories your group makes. Then, get together and knit some scarves; those who are more skilled can also knit socks and winter hats. Finally, donate all your handmade scarves, socks and hats to a homeless shelter.

Host a brunch event

Not too early for breakfast, not too late for lunch…brunches are great for everyone, both early birds and late risers. Your supporters will love the mouth-watering menu: you can include both breakfast and lunch foods, like omelettes, pancakes, fresh fruit, sandwiches, quiches and eggs. After everyone has had their fill, use the leftovers to host an open dinner at your church for the less fortunate.

Give your supporters a taste of the great outdoors

Why limit yourself to familiar fundraisers only? Consider doing outdoor activities like skiing, camping, or skating with your supporters…or excite them with rock climbing, abseiling, geocacheing, or hiking at a local nature park. Let your imagination soar! Your supporters will be happy to try something new with their neighborhood friends and fellow church members, and they’ll appreciate the originality. So those are just some potential ideas for Christian fundraisers: you can offer your supporters cookie dough or local discount cards, hold a knitting fundraiser, host a brunch event, or give your supporters the chance to do fun outdoor activities. Finally, now that you have ideas of which fundraiser you can do, it’s time to get started!