Are Soy Candle Fundraisers More Successful?

Soy candle fundraisers

Many organizations are using soy candle fundraisers as their source of fundraising income. Over the past couple of years natural wax and wax blend candles have become increasingly popular. This is partly because more forms of candles are available on the market, health warnings about lead in candle wicks and healthier alternatives available. Organizations that run candle fundraisers have many choices available but what type of candle will work best for them?

Candle Burning Health Concerns

One of the most common forms of candle wax is paraffin. It is an oil derivative, is white in color and can be made to burn at different temperatures so it’s useful to candle manufacturers. Paraffin is made with petroleum and when burned releases more than 11 carcinogenic compounds. Whenever your in doubt about your candle look for the tell tale black soot around the candle jar. These days with a more environmental look at things consumers are looking for more naturalistic alternatives. Lead candle wicks have recently been banned by the Consumer Product Safety Commission. This has come after more than a 30 year period where the candle industry was self-regulated to how much lead was included. The initial inclusion of lead in candle wicks was to make the wick stand up straighter so the candle can burn better. Unfortunately this lets the lead vaporize into the air when it’s then inhaled. Sadly while some people light a candle for soothing peace of mind this may actually help increase their blood lead content. Lead poisoning can lead to behavior changes, loss of concentration, and damage to internal organs, especially the kidneys. Research has been shown that burning four metal wick candles for two hours can release lead concentrations in enough quantity to pose a threat to your health. Not all candles cause air pollution; the general rule of thumb is to watch out for metal wire inside the wicks.

Soy Candle Fundraisers – Healthier Candle Alternatives

There are many different types of candles available for your soy candle fundraisers these days. Natural waxes like soybean and natural wax blends offer a healthier and soothing candle burning experience. Beeswax and tallow have been around for hundreds of years as well as candles derived from certain berries. In fact beeswax has been around so long that when the Greek story of Icarus flying too close to the sun, Icarus was wearing wings made of beeswax. The issue with some environmentally friendly natural candles isn’t so much health but cost. The amount of beeswax needed to equal soybean is cost prohibitive so pure beeswax candles can be very expensive. Soybean candles come from a renewable source. Sine the main ingredient is renewable this drives the cost of the price of the candle down. Purchases of soy candles also helps to support the American farm industry. Natural waxes and wax blends have a low melting point, which helps it burn longer and cooler with no contaminants. Soy wax burns cleaner with 95% less soot. The candles also release their scents naturally, faster and longer. These results have contributed to their success in the fundraising field.

Soy Candle Fundraisers – Healthy and Profitable

Justfundraising offers a selection of natural wax blends found in our quote candles line. These candles have both a lead free wick and motivations messages that will represent any organization well. The candles come in 8 beautiful scents and offer a 50% profit margin. Candle fundraisers are easy to begin, come with free brochures and have no up front costs. Contact us for more details. These candles will make a success of your next soy candle fundraisers.