2 Great Green Fundraising Options

Green fundraising ideas

Group leaders who are looking to do a green fundraising campaign should consider two types of green products: flower bulbs, which are sold at 50% profit, and reusable cotton Dodo shopping bags, handbags, and draw-cord bags. The wonderful array of flower bulbs includes terrific tulips, dazzling daffodils and lovely lilies, while Dodo Bags are available in 24 funky designs that supporters will love.

Both fundraisers are ideal for every group, no matter what the theme of the group is or how many members it has. Just like how all supporters will like our green fundraisers, so will all groups! Everyone needs handbags and draw-cord gym bags not to mention reusable shopping bags and there’s no question that most Americans plant flowers every year.

Flower Bulb Fundraiser

Fundraising with flower bulbs will net your group a solid 50% profit. There’s a flower for everyone: prices range from $6 to $26.50. Collections include both those with one kind of flower, like Blue Anemone, and multiple types, like the Pink & White Collection–crocus, allium, and glory of the snow. Your group will make 50% profit, and you’ll qualify for free shipping once you’ve sold $1000 of retail.

Reusable Shopping Bags

Our Dodo Bags which are sold from $10 to $20, at 40% profit are available in a variety of types and designs: there are handbags, cotton and jute reusable shopping bags; draw-cord gym bags; and the Berkshire Bag–a classy faux-leather handbag (but which is much more environmentally friendly). We also offer the craft sack, which kids can decorate with their own designs. Best of all, part of the money which goes into Dodo Bags is used to protect endangered species in addition to funding restoration and clean-up projects.

“As conscientious consumers who value commitment to the environment, we were all over these new reusable eco-friendly canvas bags by The Dodo Bag Co.,” wrote Gourmet Retailer Magazine, who marked the company as Editor’s Choice. Our profit was $1,750.00. The profit was very high for a student body of 68 students selling bulbs,” the staff of Colton Elementary School wrote to us.

Our bulbs are guaranteed to bloom in a rainbow of magnificent colors, so it’s no wonder many groups have made selling JustFundraising flower bulbs an annual green fundraiser. You know you can trust our bulbs–the Art in Nature has been around for more than 30 years. Encourage your supporters to add a touch of beauty to their gardens. The high quality of the bulbs means that not only will supporters be happy (and pleasantly surprised!) for having helped you guys out, but they’ll also be happy to fundraise with your group next year.

Dodo Bags, which are sturdy and long-lasting, are great for all supporters. This is a great opportunity for your group members to provide them with an environmentally friendly alternative for something they use every day. By choosing Dodo Bags, not only will your supporters be helping our your group–they’ll also make a decision to be more green and so make a commitment to the environment.

If you’d like to order flower bulbs or Dodo Bags for your group, simply tell us, and we’ll send you one order-taker for each participant. Your group members will then approach their family and friends, collecting as many orders as they can, and we’ll send you the shipment. We know your group will do well. Happy fundraising!