Tapping Into a Variety of Fundraising Resources

In the previous document we looked at the new situation school principals find themselves in the new economy. Funding is going to be tight for the next couple of years and people involved with school projects and non-profit groups are going to have to depend on new ways to generate money.

We last left off looking at capital campaigns and planned giving. The giving is bigger in scope and more complex with the potential for lawyers with the giving of non-monetary gifts like stocks, bonds and land.

Preparing Yourself for Grant Writing
As the president of a public school or non profit society education for your grant writing will be well spent. Take courses and workshops to get you up to speed.

Continuously look for new grants that are available. Search trade journals, newspapers, the web and newsletters to find out grant opportunities in advance.

Network with your teachers and industry professionals for information on new grants. Ask if they could lend their names to your application. Any help would be appreciated in trying to finish the grant in time and with professional feedback.

Write clearly. Show your plan and vision is well thought out and worked from every angle. Show measurable goals and a reasonable budget. Show them your passion for your project but keep them awake. They want to know that they money they are giving you is going to a secure project.

Filling Out the Grant Forms
Grant applications take a lot of patience. There are so many out there and it takes a little detective work for you to find out what your school or non-profit organization qualifies for. Read over the directions thoroughly. The government gets so many grant applications if it finds out one is filled out incorrectly it is denied. Make sure every question is filled out completely, this may take research into your schools tax forms but any questions left blank on your grant application leaves it denied.

Try to pass in your government and private grant applications early. Private grants need to be submitted as quickly as possible. Sometimes they are given out in a first come, first served basis. If you miss a deadline for any grant it’s dead. The grant application deadline is the basic requirement and no leniency is given.

Combined with your annual fundraising program, grant writing can help you bring in larger donations.