Qualifying a Legitimate Fundraising Company

You have been put in charge of running a fundraiser. There are so many considerations that just the thought of fundraising can make you frustrated! When should you do it? What should you sell? How do you run this campaign? There are a lot of different professional fundraising companies out there looking to help you. How do you pick the right one?
How long has this particular fundraising company been in business?
It’s the same with any new business you investigate. Have they been around long enough that they’re going to be able to take care of you? A fundraising company that has been around awhile can anticipate your needs and provide you with valuable guidance and fundraising strategies.

Check for references.
Will the fundraising company give some references of businesses or schools that have used its services? Will anybody vouch for them? Are they a member of the Association of Fund-Raising Distributors & Suppliers?

Do they know your state laws for fundraising?
Will your potential fundraising company be able to give you specifics on how to declare your taxes? This is important because each state has different tax collection rules. Some states declare that product fundraising is exempt from tax, while in other states these monies are taxable.

How responsive are they?
Do they seem reachable if you have a problem? What if something is shipped incorrectly or broken? Do you have to wait days for a response? Can you reach your fundraising consultant several ways if necessary, for example via a toll free number or an email address?

Are they selling a quality fundraising product?
It’s going to be pretty tough trying to sell broken lollipops to raise funds. Are the products the fundraising company is selling going to get much attention from your donors and fundraising teams? You get to pick what your fundraising campaign will sell but do they have a fundraising catalogue with great options or a limited choice of average fundraisers? Since all fundraising is important, the fundraising company needs to provide a solid no hassle service. In the upcoming years, with a pending downturn in the economy and slashing of funding, the services offered by fundraising companies are going to become increasingly important.

Businesses and organizations are going to lean heavily on fundraising to supplement their annual budgets in the coming years. You will probably partner with the fundraising company you choose for several campaigns. It’s important you feel they are listening to your needs and a dependable bond develops between you.