Precision Fundraising

From the range of fundraising campaigns available which ones are the most effective and why? Either it’s kids knocking on your door selling chocolates or charities selling other gift items. Should you sell a product or give a service? Sell cookie dough or offer a car wash? Which are the most successful campaigns?

Product Fundraising Outperforms Services Offered Fundraisers

According to the survey conducted by the Association of Fund-Raising Distributors and Suppliers (AFRDS) in cooperation with PTOtoday and Time Direct Ventures, items offered bring in higher results for a fundraiser. Goods like cookie dough, candies, magazines and candles beat campaigns offered to cut your grass, wash your car or direct donations.

“This new research confirmed our suspicions that product sales are still the best option for school groups looking to raise substantial funds in a short amount of time,” said Vickie Mabry, executive director of AFRDS.

Timing and Frequency Play a Key Role

The best time to put on a fundraising campaign according to the poll is the fall. The late summer to early fall months produces the best results for campaigns. Maybe this has to do with the end of summer holidays and families getting back into a schedule. Maybe it brings to mind kids and scholastic needs? Other charities report the same findings for the same part of the year.

The best feedback regarding frequency from charities organizations is to not to over fundraise your area. The fewer campaigns they put on through the run of the year the bigger the returns on their campaign. The law of diminishing returns kicked in after the first major campaign and donations fall. Firm deadlines also help charities from over saturating an area. If a campaign is run for a couple of weeks it seems to get maximum coverage and get past the usual donations from parents, friends and family.

Do Volunteer Incentive Programs Play a Part?

For many school groups and charities the goals of the organization and camaraderie are good enough motivators for volunteers. Incentive programs have shown to add a considerable push to the success of a campaign. The program can be organized in a way to generate the most sales bringing an air of competition and a win-win scenario to the campaign.

Better Fundraising Planning Bring Better Results

With better directed campaigns organizations will be able to raise more money for their efforts. With schools alone requiring 2 billion to continue offering services and a shaky economy, the importance of fundraising is being cemented.

Krueger, Jon . Survey Confirms Product Sales Out Perform Other School Fundraisers, October 29, 2008