Sweeten Up Your Fundraising Campaign with Lollipops

Selling lollipops for a fundraising campaign is very simple. Kids get excited about the different styles and flavors and the campaign is neat and tidy to organize. There’s not a lot of stock to carry, money is collected quickly and there is no further wait time for products.

Lollipop Fundraising Essentials
Lollipops come in different shapes, flavors and have a low upfront cost to you and your supporters; most programs are designed so that the lollipops are sold for only $0.50 each. They come in a variety of different flavors from the basic Orange and Grape to the more exotic Root Beer, Cotton Candy and Sour Green Apple. They also come in specialty shapes. Why not offer sport pops in the shape of footballs, soccer balls or baseballs at the next game? Music notes could be a perfect way to bring attention to an upcoming concert. Major holidays can be celebrated with lollipops in the shape of Santa, Halloween pumpkins or Easter bunnies.

Lollipop sales are also very easy fundraising campaigns to organize. Simply order the quantities in the flavors and shapes you want, market them to your donors and collect the money on the spot. Lollipop fundraising campaigns don’t require pre-orders for products or multiple visits to fulfill orders. Simply make sure to order your lollipops in advance of the date you need them and store then in a cool dry place. The shelf-life can be up to six to nine months!

Many professional fundraising companies offer a one case minimum order for lollipops. Even one case can earn up to 50% or more in profit. Most fundraising companies will offer an information package with more details about the flavors and designs available or will have a website where you can view the products or even place an order!

Maximizing Your Lollipop Fundraising Campaign
The trick when selling lollipops in a fundraising effort is to position your campaign in a high-traffic area, like a shopping mall, the cafeteria at school or at a sporting or musical event. Advertise using banners, posters, and word of mouth. Let your supporters know what you will be using the profits for. Have your fundraisers display the lollipops in a fun and creative way to help attract buyers. Lollipops are easy to sell to kids and adults alike as most people have change in their pockets. Drive up sales by offering lollipops in pre-wrapped bunches of 3, 5 or even 10! The trick is to have fun while generating the funds your group needs.