How To Raise Money For A Baseball Team

Want to learn how to raise money for a baseball team? Here are five fundraising ideas to help you raise money for this cause.

Take your supporters out to the ball game with…
“Peanuts” (Snack Mixes)
We offer sweet snacks for your supporters to dine on. We have three snack packs, and we recommend Snackin’ in the USA, which has a wide variety of snacks, including nut mixes, trail mixes, and candy. This pack also has, peanuts, like honey-roasted peanuts and spicy peanuts. Your group will make 50% with this fundraiser, which is free to start.

“Cracker Jacks” (Popcorn)
We don’t offer Cracker Jacks…but we come close with popcorn. As a matter of fact, we offer Caramel Popcorn, which comes in 6 gourmet flavors, including Chocolately Delight, which is drizzled with chocolate. This fundraiser is free to start.

Offer snacks to your supporters in the stands.
Your group can also sell treats in the stands during your games. Choose traditional baseball fare, like peanuts and ice pops. You can also make the treats yourself, like soft pretzels and onion rings.

Organize a charity baseball game.
A great way to support your baseball team is with the sport itself. Hold a match for your supporters; they’ll have a lot of fun, and it’ll also be a great bonding experience for them. You can hold the match at the baseball diamond at your local park, or at your team’s stadium. If you choose the stadium, advertising will be easy—tell the other teams about your fundraiser, and they’ll be happy to join in. Have your players bring their own bats, balls and mitts to save some money. Once you’ve got everything set up, play away!

Hit the stadium to watch a game.
Your supporters are fans of the sport, so why not take them to see a game? Many teams offer a bulk rate if many tickets are bought at the same time. Thus, have your supporters pay you for seats, then get the tickets at the bulk rate and invest the surplus in your team. Before you start this fundraiser, figure out how many supporters you want to participate, and from there how much each ticket would cost. That way, once you charge your supporters, you can offer them a decent price—significantly lower than they would get if they bought an individual ticket, but high enough so that your team will make a good profit.

How about some baseball variants?
If you’re still wondering how to raise money for a baseball team, consider playing games related to baseball, like soccer baseball, softball, and t-ball. Not only are these games a lot of fun, but your supporters likely haven’t played them in a while, so they’ll appreciate the novelty. You can also consider playing baseball with different equipment, like pool noodles and toy light-sabers instead of bats and oven mitts instead of catcher’s mitts. This way, your supporters will have all the fun of baseball, but with an added touch of kookiness.

So now you know how to raise money for a baseball team: you can offer snack mixes and popcorn to your supporters, sell snacks to your fans during games, organize a baseball game, watch a game with your supporters, and play variants of baseball. Good luck!