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Scratch Cards

Victory Scratch

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Customized To Your Cause with your cause or group name and logo. Thank Your Donor with inspirational quotes. Each Card Raises $115 and costs only $15, so your cause makes $100 in profits on each one. Special Offer of 20% FREE cards. FREE Shipping and 30 day financing.
Victory Scratch cards are a fun and positive way to collect donations. They are perfect for charities and non-profit organizations, where supporters are comfortable giving and not receiving anything in return.

Get Your Victory Cards – Order 1 per seller

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  • (Cost: $15 per card)
About This Fundraiser
The Victory Scratch Card Raises Money and Spirits

A Description of the Victory Scratch Card:
The Victory Scratch Card folds into three, and fits into your pocket. The outside panels are customized with your group name and logo. When you open the card, the left and right panels conatin scratch dots with hidden donation amounts and inspirational quotes, and the middle panel contains the simple instructions. The Victory Scratch Card is ideal for charitable and non-profit organizations seeking to raise funds. Supporters are happy to donate to a good cause without expecting to receive a product in return.

How Do You Raise Money With The Victory Scratch Card? 3 Easy Steps!
Each participant begins with 1 Victory Scratch card.

1. They approach friends and family and ask them to scratch 1 or more scratch boxes (Donation amounts vary from 50 cents - $3.00).
2. Their supporter will donate the total of the amounts uncovered.
3. Share and enjoy the uncovered Victory Quote(s) with your donor (carefully chosen positive quotes reflecting achievement and inspiration.)

When all boxes are scratched off, your group will have raised $100 net profit for your group PER card! With 20 kids, you'll raise up to $2,000 profit; with 250 kids, you'll raise up to $25,000 profit. And now, your group will make even more with our 20% bonus offer.

Your Profit: Your group earns $100 profit per completed card.

Bonus Cards: We give 20% free cards with every order. The money raised with these free cards will cover the entire cost of your fundraiser.

Priced to Sell: The donation amounts are between $0.50 and $3.00, very affordable and perfect for today’s economy.

Inspiration for Your Supporters: In addition to feeling great about donating to your cause, your supporters reveal a positive message with each donation amount revealed.

Free Personalization: We’ll personalize your scratch cards with your group name and logo.

Your Cost per Card: Only $15.

Delivery: Once we receive payment, it takes less than 1 week for you to receive your personalized Victory Scratch Cards.

Free Shipping and Low Minimums: Shipping is always free no matter how many scratch cards you order, and the minimum order is only 5 cards.
Download the Victory Scratch Information Brochure: Applicable sales taxes will be added: BC: HST 12%, AB, SK, MB: GST 5%, ON: HST 13%, QC: GST & PST 5% + 9.5%, NB, PE, NL: HST 13%, NS: HST 15%
Potential Profit

The More You Sell, The More You Profit!

# of Cards
20% FREE Bonus
Cards (Profit)
Youll Raise
Your Net
2 (extra $230 profit!)
4 (extra $460 profit!)
7 (extra $805 profit!)
10 (extra $1,115 profit!)
15 (extra $1,725 profit!)
20 (extra $2,300 profit!)
50 (extra $5,750 profit!)
*Based on an average selling price of: $15

Note: order 1 card per participant. The amounts in the Profit Chart are your Net Profit, and have included any shipping costs.

Calculate How To Reach Your Goal!

Additional Details
How Does The Victory Scratch Card Work?

1. Determine how many fundraising participants will take part in your fundraiser.

2. Order 1 Victory Scratch Card per participant, and tell us the name and logo you’d like to have printed on the Scratch Cards.

3. You may pay using a credit card, money-order, or if you’re a public school you can issue a purchase order form. We also have 30-day financing available through a credit card hold. Call us for details.

4. Shipping is quick: We always ship out your product the next day following receipt of your payment. Depending on your location, shipping time is approximately 4-5 business days.

5. Prepare and send a letter to your group members and their parents so they are aware of the objective of your fundraiser, collection dates, and your contact info.

6. Keep track of who you have distributed a Victory Scratch Card to. Ideally, have the parents pick it up so they become more involved in the fundraiser.

7. Your participants will ask people to scratch and donate to your cause. They must collect their money on the spot.

8. Keep a tally of all the money you collect from each of your participants throughout your fundraiser.

9. When the fundraiser is complete, be sure to send a Thank You note to all parents and kids who participated.

10. Count the profit made from your fundraiser!

Safety Tip: If your participants choose to fundraise door-to-door, they should always be in the company of an adult.
Customer Reviews
  1. We Raised $2000 Profit! review by Marlene on 4/24/2020
    Customer Service

    Out Taekwondo club used these cards to raise money to attend a weekend tournament out of province. They were a huge hit! All of the money raised will offset travel and entry cost for our students.

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