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Quality Chocolate Bar Fundraisers For Our Canadian Customers

Our delicious chocolate bar fundraisers are now available for our Canadian customers, nationwide. Calling all schools, teams and other non-profit organizations! You and your supporters deserve the best-tasting chocolate, so we're delighted to have just introduced Aunt Sarah's Simply Delicious chocolate bars to our line-up. Whether you're a school in British Columbia or a hockey team in Nova Scotia, we've got you covered with quality bars that you're supporters will absolutely love. We know that quality chocolate and the finest ingredients make all the difference. Turn your next chocolate bar fundraiser into an annual event, that your supporters will absolutely look forward to!

  1. Aunt Sarah's Variety Pack

    Aunt Sarah's variety pack offers your supporters 4 different chocolate bar choices including caramel and almonds, crispy rice, classic caramel and creamy mint truffle. A sure way to please chocolate lovers everywhere.
  2. Aunt Sarah's Straight Pack

    Aunt Sarah's straight pack offers your supporters the top selling 'Delicious' flavor: Whole roasted almonds smothered in creamy caramel. Indulge in pure bliss with this divine chocolate!
  3. Cadbury Caramilk Straight Pack

    Currently Unavailable
    Get the best value for your group and your customers with Cadbury's Caramilk chocolate. There is no other chocolate in fundraising that compares favorably to Cadbury. These bars sell themselves, and the product recognition will increase your profits

Why JustFundraising's Candy Bar Fundraiser is Canada's #1 Choice:

  • Aunt Sarah's brand has a customer retention rate of up to 99% - it's that delicious!
  • Perfect for any size group with LOW minimums.
  • Each carrier case is sturdy, and built to last.
  • Your school or team makes 50% profit
  • Public schools can pay in 30 days!
  • We guarantee the highest profit
  • We ship within 1 week


The Key To Making Your Next Chocolate Bar Fundraiser Successful:

  • Offer The Right Amount of Variety
    Having variety is great but too much could mean you get stuck with leftovers at the end of your fundraiser. Make sure the flavors are ones that you feel will sell well in your area. Also, choose the write quantity of each flavor. For example, caramel bars typically sell 3x as much as mint chocolate bars.
  • Profit is Important, But Loyal Customers Are The Dream!
    We can all agree that you want to raise the most amount of money as possible for your group, but let's not get caught up in short-term thinking. The ultimate candy bar fundraiser is one that your supporters will look forward to every single year, in addition to ensuring to order 5-10 bars, instead of just the 2 bars. A good profit is important, but even more important, is having your group sell a quality fundraising product in your local community.
  • Order The Correct Amount of Chocolate Bars Per Seller
    Typically, you'll want each of your sellers to sell 15-60 bars each, depending on the retail sales price of each bar, and how motivated they are. When it's a small group that's fundraising, and that's highly motivated to raise funds for a specific reason, they'll be able to sell more per seller. We recommend sending home an Order Slip with each student or seller, and have the parents sign-off on exactly what they're ready to commit to selling. This will ensure you do not over or under-order.

Call us and tell us you’re interested in starting a candy bar fundraiser. We’ll be happy to review the options with you and make some suggestions based on your group type, size and fundraising goals.