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Church Fundraiser

Your Church Fundraiser Will Raise More!

Your next church fundraiser can be quick, simple and highly profitable with the help of Justfundraising's high quality fundraising products and knowledgeable fundraiser consultants. Justfundraising can help your church fundraiser reach its financial goals with higher profit and no money up front fundraisers.

Your Church Fundraiser Offers Support

Your church fundraiser not only supports important church programs and events; it also helps your community. There's no doubt that a church fundraiser is an important way for a congregation to raise money for everyday expenses such as building upkeep as well as mission trips, scripture and charitable causes.

No Money Up Front Church Fundraiser

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Don't look any further for your next church fundraiser. Justfundraising will help you choose a church fundraiser to meet your fundraising needs. Consequently your church can provide your congregation with the ability to contribute to your community in a way that inspires, equips, and empowers.

$4500 Raised for Mission's Trip!
This fundraising experience turned into a learning and sharing experience for children that they'll remember forever: "We gathered 29 anxious kids from our school to participate in the Scratch & Help program. We ordered 50 scratch cards and made a total of $4500 profit. It was very easy and a lot of fun. The money raised helped us go on a Mission's trip to Guerrero, Mexico in the providence of Chihuahua. It was an incredible experience. The girls were able to put together two thousand scriptures. The boys learned how to make concrete blocks and put together a total of 700 blocks to help build a home. In the evenings, the children visited villages up on the mountains that don't even exist on the map. Here, they were able to pass out scriptures to all the Mexicans. Next year, our school would like to get the entire school to participate in the Scratch & Help program. Thank you so much."

David Goldsberry & Chris Burt
Lighthouse Christian School
Valdosta, GA

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